gold guns girls


hello + thanks for checking out todays post (:
i wanted to post a lifestyle post today, but i’m not ready for that one yet, so i thought i’d do another fashion post since those are always fun! todays outfit is something i’d wear to a concert or even on a night out with the girls somewhere a little edgy and fun. i love how well the dark shirt clashes with the elegant lace + any chance to wear my combat boots is a happy occasion in my book 😛 let me know what you think of this outfit and tell me how you would dress on an edgy night out with the girls!


 excuse me for having such a silly face in this one, but the sun was beaming so brightly the day we filmed this!
as much as i love the sun, its hard to keep my already asian eyes big and smiley when its being attacked by the rays of the sun 😛


what i’m wearing
the jacket + dress in this outfit are both from Taiwan, i got them during a recent three month trip i did in Asia. the lace jacket i got from a cute little street vendor behind the green sogo department store in the east district of Taipei. the dress i got from a boutique also inside the east district in a plaza called “ding hao” this boutique uses the latest issues of vogue, harpers bazar, and nylon to create designer inspired pieces for an affordable price. they don’t brand their clothes so its technically not a knock off, and sometimes? they add to the designs and make it a little more street wear chic then couture, which for someone like me who gets intimidated when i have to wear fancy stuff, that’s heavenly! the boots are my moms from her earlier days when she first immigrated from Taiwan to California to study her MBA at Chapman University.


if you don’t like clashing the lace and dark edgy shirt like i do, you can always wear a cute cropped leather jacket or a cute clean cut blazer! the possibilities are so endless with a versatile dress like this one (: i’ve even worn this dress with converses + knee high socks before! it was so adorable.

thanks for reading guys!
hope you enjoyed,
hugs + kisses,



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