hello + thanks for checking out Shannily ❤

my name is Shannon Marie + I am a twenty year old los angeles/orange county local with a love for fashion, beauty, + art. I recently graduated from FIDM with an associate of arts degree in Visual Communications.

over the last few years, growing up and entering the “real world” as they would call it, I felt like I lost sight of who I am. & the whole reason was because I was trying so hard to fit in + please everyone else. i was doing all these things that were suppose to be fun and exciting but really i was just so unhappy + life felt so meaningless. so i vowed to change things. i took a path of self discovery + now although i am still on this path, i’m starting to be me again, and i love it (:

the reason i’m telling you guys something so personal is because i want you guys to know that this blog is about things i love and things that i enjoy doing. i hope that you guys will find enjoyment in reading about it, but i also hope that you guys will find what makes you happy for yourself. because it took me so long to get to where i am today, and i just wish that everyone can see what i see now.

if you find yourself – you’ll never be lonely again.
because you will never leave yourself behind again (:

-shannon marie


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