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enjoy the sunshine

hello + welcome to WTF is in my bag (;

backpack – urban outfitters
wallet – fossil
bikini – roxy
hat – popkiller
flip flops – tory burch
misc. – black hawk down, sony headphones, sunscreen,
faux prada sunnies, b&b works bali mango spray,
iphone 4s, smart water, & babylips

i can’t recall if i ever said so in a previous post, but i live in the sunny region of southern California, so lately its been deadly hot & perfect weather for our gorgeous beaches! luckily for me i am going to the beach tomorrow so i just threw a bunch of stuff into my backpack + thought i’d share with you what i’m bringing (:

hope you found this entertaining !

hugs + kisses,





hello + welcome!

like most first posts, its always a bit silly + hard to begin, so i’m just going to give you the basics of who i am & what shannily is like (:

name: shannon marie
age: twenty
sign: libra/scorpio cusp

I am a conceptual designer
that graduated from FIDM,
as a visual communications major.

I love creativity & embrace all things
that spark my imagination.

fashion + beauty + art 
are things that i enjoy a lot 
but anything really, can inspire me.

fashion, beauty, art, + lifestyle blog.

the point of this blog is to embrace
what I love & share it to be for fun!
blogging lets me practice my writing skills,
my digital art skills,
+ it gives me an excuse to wear pretty things
+ take pictures of fun stuff (:

i hope that i’ll get to meet interesting people
+ that you will enjoy getting to know a little about me!

thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to check out my blog, the next post will be more interesting, i promise! (:

-shannon marie