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punching in a dream

Imagehello + welcome back (:
today’s title is inspired by a great song by the band The Naked & Famous to whom i got to see live about a year ago. they’re great pretty cool live, dancing & doing crazy stuff while they sing with really cool lighting + etc. anyways, for todays post i just want to take the time to quickly thank my good friend emily for being so kind to take these pictures for me! she does cute little rant videos on youtube, so go check her out at http://www.youtube.com/user/emiliu74 (:

Image Image

there’s something about this outfit that just seemed so perfect for a place that contrasted it with beautiful green scenery from nature. i loved shooting inside this beautifully designed hidden pathway among these trees. the only thing i didn’t like about it were the fact that bugs could be anywhere and there were quite a few spider webs that i spied 😛 other then that, it was really fun to wear my very neutral toned outfit through the “trees”


 so here’s my modeling attempt! i feel so silly when i take pictures where i’m actually posing, but these came out better then i expected, and hopefully in due time i will become more natural when it comes to my posing, that way the quality of photos will become even better (: if you have any tips or pointers, please please please let me know! 😀


if you go check out Emily’s youtube, you’ll see why i can’t help but to be smiling in this picture! she is so cute and playful i couldn’t help but to show some teeth (; in this picture i look so young, but i love it because me and Emily have known each other since we were like babies! and so its very nostalgic to spend time with her ❤


i’m so dedicated to blogging, i got wet for you guys (; (LOL bad joke?)

outfit details
– cryptic movement – http://www.attic2zoo.com
pants – SOLD – saks fifth avenue
shoes – boutique in taiwan
belt – vintage

thanks for reading guys (: let me know what you thought of this photo shooting style! not editorial enough? or more fun?

hugs + kisses,





hello + welcome!

like most first posts, its always a bit silly + hard to begin, so i’m just going to give you the basics of who i am & what shannily is like (:

name: shannon marie
age: twenty
sign: libra/scorpio cusp

I am a conceptual designer
that graduated from FIDM,
as a visual communications major.

I love creativity & embrace all things
that spark my imagination.

fashion + beauty + art 
are things that i enjoy a lot 
but anything really, can inspire me.

fashion, beauty, art, + lifestyle blog.

the point of this blog is to embrace
what I love & share it to be for fun!
blogging lets me practice my writing skills,
my digital art skills,
+ it gives me an excuse to wear pretty things
+ take pictures of fun stuff (:

i hope that i’ll get to meet interesting people
+ that you will enjoy getting to know a little about me!

thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to check out my blog, the next post will be more interesting, i promise! (:

-shannon marie